It does not matter that I spent an equivalent quantity of time on the ballhander

It does not matter that I spent an equivalent quantity of time on the ballhander


Sitting about 1 million MT and likely waiting a bit for Shaq's price to receive a bit more reasonable. Kinda cheesed that they lost a card in this way so early... but also can't wait to possess it. My question is where do we go from here? I mean I get that they can slide by the next week maybe two with much more underwhelming drops (if there still is such a thing) but what is the next"big" fall gonna look like? The following flash set or it 2K21 MT is equivalent? Lol are that they gonna provide badges and these stats to Sean Bradley? Can they start giving us more Glitched gamers (defeating the purpose of position locks)? We know Kobe is coming and the hype for this will obviously be insane but he won't be a gamebreaking card with any means.

An excellent one particularly if he gets some type of special edition all 99 75 HOF badge card (that we could begin seeing more and more of if that were to happen ie lebron, MJ etc) but there's so much a certain player model can reach at a certain height for a position. It is getting to the point where animations and height and the intangibles kind of imply greater than the stats and badges as soon everybody's just gont manage to do everything at a very very large level so it won't even matter. And btw these cards will not be significantly greater than lots of the best cards we have due to the manner NBA 2K was created and the mechanics of it stats and badges only can help you much until other elements come into play more. When a 6'8 player using a 99 3 along with HOF shooting badges coming a HOF dimer pass from is shooting against a 30% contest on a 6'8 participant just offsets lol.

What's it on ball warriors with you? Such a stupid argument. You act to play NBA 2K, like remaining facing the ballhandler is the only real measure of 2K skill. Players on the defense need to be manually manipulated into position occasionally to adapt to the movements of their crime. A player that is good needs to be in charge of everything. It is ignorant to believe that one is over others because they choose to remain locked onto the ballhandler. What about everything going on behind you? I guess standing at the corner but I can not finish a game without being called an offballer since I was working on becoming passing lanes, trying to forecast where my opponent will pass.

It does not matter that I spent an equivalent quantity of time on the ballhander, ensuring he doesn't run right around me. This is exactly what you need to do so as to perform the defense, and that's the reason why the guys at NBA 2K take action. Quit making excuses. You are not an baller that is off if you're actively playing on ball and switching ball off to perform obvious lanes and fix rotations. If all you do is switch away from the person I am passing the ball you are an baller. This isn't about you if you're switching between on Buy NBA 2K21 MT ball and off ball then. I am speaking about individuals who chill to guard the ball handler, trusting something goes their way, and allowing the AI to do all the hard work. How is that fun or engaging at all?