Creating a Developer Mindset

We have all kinds of developers out there, but they all have one thing in common: they all think like programmers.


We have all kinds of developers out there, but they all have one thing in common: they all think like programmers. And they bring that mindset to everything in their daily lives, whether it is a challenging software problem or other aspect of their lives like Relationships, Social etc.

To become a great developer you have to develop and cultivate this mindsets. And this mindsets can help developers far beyond their Technological undertaking.

“What makes this developer mindset? And how can you start to cultivate Yours as a Developer?”

  1. Lean not to stop until the Job is done

For anyone who has been coding for a while now knows the Patience is required, especially when your just starting. you spend hours trying to find a missing Bracket or semi-colon. at least you know something is wrong when the code does not run.

The first developer mindset is you have to keep calm and dissect your problem in to small steps, and go through your scripts line by line to the root of that particular bug. And dont give up till you figure it out.

2. Always Remember why you are doing something.

Coding is like writing an essay How would you do that? You could use 3 for c, 4 for c, 8 for h.

The this is that you are in this situation of having a limited set of tools to work with, and an ever changing set of things you are expected to accomplish.

Now this is when you have to be creative on how to bridge the gap between your limited toolkit and where you want to go.

A common trap for developers is to spend too much time focusing on HOW they do it. How clean their code is. How efficient. How fast.

And clean, efficient, fast code is a good thing.

The BEST developers come up with funny, clever, useful things to do with their technical skills.

Your challenge is to creatively use the tools at your disposal to make the MOST amazing, MOST useful thing you can think of.

Have it in mind that the code is the means, not the end unto itself.

3. Keep in mind that having fun is key. Remember to be have fun and be playful!

Programming is hard. And the best way to make hard things easier? Have a sense of humor!

Programmers love all manner of jokes: Fart jokes, sesame street jokes, git jokes, git commit jokes, Programming jokes on facebook and it goes on and on…


As a developer in other to be great and be an awesome it what you do you have to improve in every aspect of your life. make friends, hangout, Code and be Creative, programmers are also artist.