I have been a very long time madden franchise player,

I have been a very long time madden franchise player,


The super bowl is typically sometime in February. The regular season ends the first week of January. Will patch two fall in January? February? Will these stains preclude any additional improvements to franchise mode in Madden 22? When the actual season is almost over and you are Mut 21 coins weeks away from not caring about football and playing Madden, we'll give you an update with a few of the stuff you wanted. Now we aren't promising anything because, let's face it, we built a shit game from day 1 and we completely neglected to lay any good framework for a sports game so we will miss this deadline completely.

Adding the team to career stats is just pulling and displaying another column from the stats database table. Should be near the easiest upgrade they could make. People have been freaking out about it for 5years, and EA wants praise like they just revamped Franchise. What comcerns me is hat EA confessed they understood the community wanted these things and much more for several years. Be listened on it when we blew up twitter as well as their meta rating.

Is the under simply for patch one? Or is the below divide between the 3 patches? Are there any more attributes or this? After a player has met the standards to unlock the X-Factor ability, commissioners are going to have the ability to edit their participant's Superstar skills and Superstar X-Factor ability by picking from these available within his place group. Users may have control over this operation in both offline and online Franchises.

Player Card Career Stats UI: A leading community request for several decades now, the staff is revamping the statistics on the player card to include more context in season stats, such as week, competition, and result, while also providing that which team the player was searching for every year of their career. Dev Trait Regression Tuning: The team is performing tuning operate to player development traits in Franchise mode to ensure a suitable equilibrium of Superstar and X-Factor players when progressing multiple years in a Franchise. Playoff Bracket: A visual playoff bracket is going to be inserted into the game which reflects the brand new Wild Card format, enabling users to find the full playoff picture.

That is sooo depressing, these updates are jokes, I have been a very long time madden franchise player, but I'm really thinking about not getting the game this year cause flat out madden needs to do better. This new game isn't a new game, all of the changes are basically an up date, I couldn't be more disappointed in a match I usually look forward too. My friend and I will wait and see exactly what changes they might execute though, and maybe grab it on the market, but man, we wait 3 months for them?

Sure, if it came out within a week or two, cool. 3 months, I'd expect we could acquire coordinator hires, or something marginally important, but I guess we need to wait till Madden 22 because of that. Woohoo playoff bracket images. Jesus Christ they believe we're easily satisfied. If this is their idea of a significant, two month update I guess they are still not going to dedicate the resources required to make the buy Madden 21 coins game worth purchasing for me. I'd only play with this game if I got it at no cost. I am sure I am like most of you. I log countless hours Madden every year doing such and franchises. My brother even comes over to my house once per month and we perform all day .